The number one question that real estate agents get is “How much is my home worth?”.

There are 3 primary factors that drive the value of any home.

  1. Supply and demand:  When demand outstrips supply it’s a seller’s market.  Buyers will likely have to pay above asking due to multiple bids.
  2. Location. Location. Location.  A home in Toronto will cost more than a similar home in Barrie.
  3. The condition and presentation of the home.  Staging a home is fast becoming the norm.

There is actually a fourth factor and it’s a wildcard:  Human Emotion.

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So you’ve decided to put your house up for sale.  What is the next step?  Well, you have options.  You could decide to sell it on your own – this is known in the biz as a FSBO (pronounced fizzbo) – For Sale By Owner.  You may decide to use an agent that is not me.  Both of these decisions are what I would classify as BIG mistakes.  Or you may make the correct decision and simply contact me @ 647-383-9501 or [email protected] (that’s got to be the world’s longest email address).

When, not if, you contact me we will arrange an appointment for me to present to you my Data Driven Marketing Plan for your home.

Data Driven Marketing

  • Almost 90% of home buyers use the internet to search for their home
  • 42% of recent buyers did an online search as the first step in the home buying process
  • In 2014, 43% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet
Percentage of buyers who found their home on the internet
  • In 2014, a third of buyers found their home through a real estate agent
Percentage of buyers who found their home via a real estate agent.

I have multiple points during the week where I interact, and develop relationships with, other real estate agents

  • I attend our local office meetings to discuss inventory (on the market and upcoming)
  • I attend weekly broker open houses where I develop relationships with real estate agents from other brokerages
    • This is also important when it comes to negotiating and closing deals

Other notable sources where buyers found the home they purchased (2014):

  • For sale/open house signs – 9%
  • Friend, relative, or neighbour – 6%